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Office of Library & Information Services
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Albany, New York 12246

Phone: (518) 320-1477
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The Office of Library and Information Services (OLIS) serves the automation and library resource needs of the libraries of the State University of New York.

SUNYConnect is a joint initiative of the OLIS and the libraries of the 64 SUNY campuses to share collections and services across the State University of New York.

The SUNYConnect includes:

The implementation of the Ex Libris library management system, ALEPH500, used for both administrative and research needs of all SUNY libraries.

SUNYCatalog: allows searching of all SUNY library collections through a single web interface. The Union Catalog permits inter-library loan requests for books not available at a user's campus library.

Shared electronic resources: SUNY-wide subscriptions to databases spanning the academic disciplines allow for significantly greater library resource access than what would be available to the individual libraries.

SUNY Digital Repository: the digital repository includes a growing collection of documents and resources specific to the research and the cultural/historical impact of many of the SUNYConnect institutions.